Сomplex Solutions


Supply Chain Solutions

Antwerk is on your side to speed up the distribution of your spare parts, regardless of their weight, size and type (dangerous goods, sensitive, etc.). To optimize costs, we offer specialized or general solutions.

Our goal is to ensure the economic availability of your shipment, regardless of your distribution channel.
Antwerk regularly monitors your deliveries and enhances the competitiveness of your production chain so that you could maintain your position in the market and continue the development.

ANTWERK also performs a number of actions aimed at improving the quality of interaction between all the subjects of your market
        • Investigation of the supply flow (frequency, volume, packaging, component characteristics, distance from suppliers)
        • Implementation and monitoring of multimodal transport solutions
        • Simplified and optimized customs procedures
        • VMI, a well-organized center near your company, production base, warehouse, etc.
        • Rolling stock level control
        • Identification of safe transport plans in case of unforeseen events 24/7/365
        • Supply line management
        • Distribution of finished products to your warehouses or outlets
        • Reliable supply and return flow management
        The quality, competitiveness, flexibility of your distribution are the key to improving your experience of work with customers. Based on our experience, we monitor and synchronize your flows to ensure and accelerate your distribution, constantly optimizing the costs and enhancing efficiency, as well as interaction within your supply chain.
        Around the world, we help you to apply a variety of logistic experience, IT tools, and specialized or joint logistic solutions and platforms.