Industry solutions


ANTWERK offers a wide range of chemical cargo transportation services:

  • products of inorganic chemistry (salts, acids, including transportation of sulfuric acid; transportation of hydrochloric acid);
  • polymers, plastic, membrane;
  • synthetic rubber;
  • technical carbon (soot);
  • sulfur;
  • rubber, rubber-technical products;
  • plasticizers and additives;
  • paints and so on.
Logistics for the import of raw materials and semi-finished products, the export of finished and by-products for the industry.

Antwerk guarantees the export of planned cargo volumes on schedule. We develop individual transport solutions in accordance with the standards and requirements of the cargo and offer a diversified fleet (covered wagons, containers, tanks for the transport of sulfuric acid), allowing us to provide comprehensive services, including the delivery of raw materials, the export of finished products, and technological transportation.
Import and distribution of selected products in Europe, America and the CIS.